Today’s Solutions: March 29, 2023

If you feel the presence of smartphones and social media becoming too heavy in your life, perhaps it’s time to find some new tech-free hobbies. Hobbies are a perfect way to de-stress, get creative, and take a break from your screens. Need some ideas for good activities to make a part of your life? Here are 10 to consider.

  1. Arts and crafts: Getting your hands busy with knitting, pottery, painting, or beading is a great way to relax and a fabulous way to make eco-friendly Christmas gifts.
  2. Puzzles: These games can be used over and over again and they’re a great way to stimulate your mind alone or communally. 
  3. Reading and writing: There’s always more to learn and reading and writing can help you reflect on your thoughts or escape into someone else’s tales.
  4. Gardening: This environmentally friendly hobby gets you out into the fresh air and allows you to reap the rewards of sustainably delicious home-grown goods.
  5. Wood and metal working: Spruce up your home decor and experience a mental and physical challenge.
  6. Music: Taking up an instrument allows you to express yourself beautifully, impress guests, and even collaborate with other music lovers in your community.
  7. Knifemaking: this one may sound odd, but creating knives is a clever, somewhat primal creative outlet and will help your kitchen endeavors.
  8. Baking and cooking: Create delicious goods, challenge yourself to try new recipes, and share yummy treats for family, friends, and guests. 
  9. Models: If you’re a fan of intricate details, consider model making to produce replicas of your favorite buildings, cars, or landscapes.
  10. Sports and games: There are endless benefits to this one. Getting outside, exercising, playing with friends carries endless benefits for your mental and physical well being.
  11. Enjoy nature: Enjoying the fresh air and taking in nature’s beauty is zero waste way to exercise, reflect, and relax. 
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