Today’s Solutions: June 15, 2024

International Women’s Day is swiftly approaching, which means it’s time to celebrate the incredible women of the world. This year’s theme is “Break The Bias” education, which hopes to provide education and a source of reflection on the discrimination against women.

If you’re wondering how to celebrate this great cause and contribute to a more equal world, look no further than this list.

Acknowledge the incredible women in your life

The least we can all do is take a moment to express gratitude for the incredible women in our lives. Whether that’s your mother, daughter, friend, aunt, or colleague, sending a text, meeting up for a cup of coffee, or a simple thank you can go a long way.

Show up online

Say what you will about social media, but one great aspect of the technology is the accessibility of knowledge and increased awareness of societal issues. Viewpoints of people who have previously been silenced are now being heard, and an extraordinary amount of activists are being born. Through sharing resources about #BreakTheBias, you are doing your part to spread knowledge and contribute to the fight against inequality.

Support women-owned businesses

Put your money where your mouth is and spend your hard-earned cash at women-owned businesses. From where you pick up your coffee, bread, or which tattoo artist you choose, mindfully choosing where your money goes can help equal the bias in our society.

Educate yourself

Reading about incredible women like Emmeline Pankhurst, Hypatia, Queen Njinga of Ndongo and Matamba, or Rosalind Franklin, can serve as a source of inspiration and energy to get out there and fight for equality. There are also plenty of online resources and panel discussions happening which could allow you to gain some more insight into issues women are facing and what we can do to solve them.

Remember, it’s not just for women

As gender bias has infiltrated all of our minds, it shouldn’t just be up to women to champion equality’s importance. It’s crucial all members of society are involved in the discussion to break down discrimination. Also, it’s important to include individuals beyond the gender binary in the discussion about gender equality. Through opening up, the conversation to everyone, critical thinking around these issues is expanded to all communities.

Be an advocate at work

This can be as simple as listening to women in meetings more, or as extreme as staging a full-on protest. Take the group of Sydney women who staged a protest in 2018, when they discovered they were technically only being paid until 3:50 pm compared to their male counterparts, they walked out right then and there.

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