Today’s Solutions: November 30, 2022

It’s nothing new that herbs are full of substances that support our bodies. Studies have shown some can fend off inflammation, heal wounds, and calm stress. Then there are some called nervine herbs that actually support our nervous system.

What are nervine herbs?

Nervine herbs are a helpful category of plant that soothes the nervous system, which connects the other parts of the body and helps them communicate. This includes vital processes such as language, learning, feelings, muscle movement, metabolism, and temperature control.

Nervines can help nourish and support these processes in several ways, encouraging the release of neurotransmitters that reduce feelings of anxiety which promotes healthy functioning of the system.

For inspiration to add to your next cup of tea, here are six nervine herbs that give your nervous system a helping hand.


Albizia, also known as Mimosa, is abundant in the Southeast U.S., though it is originally native to China. You can spot this flower by its delicate, feathery appearance and beautiful fragrance. The bark of this plant can be used to calm the heart and mind and is traditionally used in Chinese herbalism in times of grief.


This plant is probably the most popular nervine and has been used in herbalism for thousands of years for calming support of the nervous system. The applications of this incredible plant don’t stop there! With uses as an eyewash and skincare, plus, it is even safe for children.

California Poppy

Carrying calming and nurturing properties, traditional shamanistic peoples have used this vibrant petalled plant for centuries in herbalism and food. The California Poppy is also the official state flower of California, and can also be found in Oregon, Washington, and the southwestern United States.


Our feline friends love this plant, but did you know humans can benefit from it also? In contrast to the stimulation, cats get by smelling Catnip, this is categorized as a relaxing nervine for humans. If you’re feeling nervous or over-excited, this plant may be the perfect calming remedy.


You may have heard of hops for their use in beer, giving the drink its bitter and aromatic taste. Although did you know it is used in herbalism? Dating back to the 16th century, the plant has been traditionally used in calming support of the nervous system.


Bacopa is native to India, loving warm and wet climates. Since the 6th century, this herb has been used to promote healthy brain function. Interestingly, ancient Indian Vedic scholars consumed this plant when memorizing scrolls.

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