Today’s Solutions: February 08, 2023

Learning how to live within a budget is not always something we’re taught, especially in a culture that celebrates consumption. That said, many of us have experienced living on a tight budget when in-between jobs or hit with an unexpected major expense.

Even when the money is flowing into our bank accounts, learning to live frugally can be a great way to save for future unknowables: exceptional vacations, kids’ higher education, the freedom to start a new company, or even early retirement.

Teaching the habit of being joyfully frugal is a great thing to pass on to our kids. Here are five great skills to teach your kids that will help them know how to live well with less.

How to do laundry effectively

With the powerful natural detergents now available, there is no need to run your washing machine at high temperatures. It’s all too easy to walk into a shop and choose a plastic container full of cheap washing powder, but opting for the little more expensive option in the store can save you boatloads in electricity bills and help out the environment while you’re doing it. Check out this article for sustainable detergents to try on your next laundry day.

Opting to hang out laundry to dry instead of the dryer also saves electricity and money. Teaching your children to enjoy this activity as a mindful practice can teach them to feel satisfied and happy at the little things in life.

How to save money at the grocery store

Buying fruit and vegetables from a local greengrocer instead of the supermarket not only cuts costs in price but also supports local businesses and injects your food with so much more flavor. On shopping trips, set an example of bringing your own bags and boxes instead of buying plastic ones there.

How to cook for everyday life 

Show your kids eating out should be a treat saved for special occasions. With busy lifestyles it may be hard to cook an incredible dinner every night, however, the internet is jam-packed with quick and easy one-pot recipes that can be cooked in 20 minutes. Cooking with your children not only ingrains them with money-saving values, but it also creates an experience to bond over.

How to ride a bike

If you ever want to pop over to the shop or get out of the house for some fresh air, cycling is an environmentally friendly way to travel that’s also extremely good for you.

How to find thrift-store treasures and how to shop secondhand

Fast fashion and consumer culture are a threat to the health of our world and also are problematic for working conditions and pay in many countries. As kids always grow out of their old clothes, there are so many incredible second-hand children’s clothes in thrift stores.

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