Today’s Solutions: June 27, 2022

In the energy standoff between Europe and Russia, Germany has taken many measures to accelerate the phasing out of oil and gas. It has resolved to make energy cheaper for homes and businesses. It has pushed plans to put solar panels on every public building by 2025. 

Now, Germany has cut train, tram, and bus costs to just nine euros ($9.56) a month for the whole summer to encourage people to get off of gas. 

This price reduction means a 90 percent cut from the regular monthly cost of public transportation in Berlin. The new price will be available to German commuters starting at the beginning of June.

The War in Ukraine has shown how dependent Germany is on Russian gas, and the European Union’s largest economy is now under heavy pressure to cut energy ties with Vladimir Putin’s regime. Germany’s government has stepped up, though, to reduce energy consumption while also fast-tracking new renewable means of energy production. 

This summer’s greatly reduced public transportation costs will apply to citizens across the country, using local and inter-regional buses and trains. This will help the country cut down on its energy consumption and benefit lower-income Germans. 

“This eases the burden not just for those who already travel a lot with local public transport,” said Katharina Droege, co-leader of the Green Party parliamentary caucus. “It is also an invitation for those who want to try out the bus and train for work, vacation, or visiting friends.”

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