Today’s Solutions: October 03, 2022

There’s been another win in the realms of diversity and representation in the past week: President Joe Biden announced that Karine Jean-Pierre will take on the role of White House press secretary, replacing Jen Psaki who is expected to move on as a TV host at MSNBC.

This would make Jean-Pierre the first Black person and openly gay person to fulfill this role. Previously, Jean-Pierre was Kamala Harris’s chief of staff during the vice-president’s presidential campaign and also served on Barack Obama’s campaigns in 2006 and 2012. She was also an adviser and spokesperson for progressive Pac Currently, she is the principal deputy press secretary and political analyst.

“She is passionate. She is smart and she has a moral core that makes her not just a great colleague, but an amazing mom and human,” Psaki expressed on Twitter. “Plus, she has a great sense of humor.”

Jean-Pierre is also familiar with her new role, which she is expected to take on after Psaki leaves in mid-May, as she has filled in for Psaki already, especially when her predecessor was quarantined with Covid-19.

Biden commended Jean-Pierre’s “experience, talent, and integrity,” in his statement, adding: “Full and I have known and respected Karine a long time and she will be a strong voice speaking for me and this administration.”

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