Today’s Solutions: September 28, 2023

Embarking on a wine journey can often feel like traversing a familiar path, leaving behind a plethora of unexplored vineyards. While the wine world is large and diverse, most of us take comfort in the known, returning to a trusty bottle or a predictable variety from a renowned region. But don’t worry, there’s a fascinating universe of flavors waiting to pique your palate’s interest. The key to gaining access to this golden trove? Words. Precise and fascinating words that bring the delicate symphony of wine notes to life.

Deciphering the grapevine

Have you ever been in a wine bar or a bottle shop and struggled to find the right words to express your wine desires? You’re not by yourself. The sommelier community has generously offered their knowledge to assist you in your oenological research.


The descriptor “fruity” does not only refer to sweet wines. It’s a versatile phrase that encapsulates stronger, non-sweet flavors with enticing scents in reds and whites. Consider a New Zealand sauvignon blanc or explore the appeal of albario and viognier, which offer lively notes and refined characteristics.


When you ask for a “salty” wine, you’re requesting a mineral-driven masterpiece. Consider muscadet or manzanilla sherry, each sip telling a story about the area from whence it came. These wines are a tribute to terroir, capturing the spirit of their origin.


Consider this your invitation to extend your horizons, malbec and shiraz fans. Enter the world of French grenache or Californian zinfandel, where oak-aging blends with cinnamon, clove, and vanilla aromas to create a spicy symphony on your taste.


Earthy wines honor the very ground from which they arise, from volcanic settings to terroir-rich locations. Consider them your gastronomic soulmates, adding a touch of terroir-infused magic to your culinary adventures.


Looking for a wine that can stand up to a big meal? Look for chewy wines that are powerful, muscular, and ready to pair with your steak frites. Consider tannin-rich types such as Italian sangiovese or Uruguayan tannat, with each sip encouraging your palate to indulge.


Imagine biting into a slightly underripe pear; that is the essence of a crunchy wine. These young joys promise brilliant fruit, excellent acidity, and a refreshing lack of barrel, ranging from cool-climate reds to Canadian pinot noir.


Low tannins, fruity characteristics, and zingy acidity tempt juicy wines. Allow your palate to relish in gamay or Beaujolais, and embrace lighter styles that entice your senses.


All refreshment lovers, unite! A fresh wine, with its vivid character, lively acidity, and penchant for partnering with rich meals, is the ideal complement. Explore the world of whites and rosés that celebrate life’s freshness.


The creamy whites entice those seeking texture and body. Aged chardonnays entice with oak-infused attractiveness, but don’t pass up the opportunity to discover the fascination of semillon, which offers a new viewpoint on luxury.


Indulge your senses with red wines’ velvety embrace, where boldness meets rich fruit and enticing texture. Allow California cabernet sauvignon and Jumilla monastrell to guide you into a world of sumptuous enjoyment.


The wine world has its own beat, which may be quirky at times. These wines defy traditions with barnyard whispers and suggestions of adventure, as they are unfiltered, unmanipulated, and lower in alcohol.

When in doubt

As you traverse the landscapes of vineyards through words, remember that every wine has a story to tell. Don’t be afraid to seek advice from the sommelier; they’re here to be your guides. Let your words lead you through the symphony of flavors that await, whether you crave a familiar thrill or a unique delight. Cheers to discovering wine’s true essence, one sip at a time.

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