Today’s Solutions: December 05, 2023

In a world where music has no boundaries, the environmental impact of touring has frequently taken a back seat. But now, two musicians from Birmingham, UK, are upending the music industry by embarking on an 870-mile eco-tour along Wales’ gorgeous coast.

Meet Seth Bye and Chris Roberts, the dynamic duo of Filkin’s Drift who set out on a quest to promote sustainability in the music industry. Their innovative touring strategy not only complements Mother Nature but also strikes a chord with their fans.

Walking to the rhythm

Bye and Roberts didn’t just speak the talk; they truly walked the walk. They went out on foot across Wales, carrying equipment and a minimal supply of clothing. They traveled from one job to the next every day, carrying their gear in 33-pound suitcases.

“We’re not at all suggesting that everyone give up driving and walk to all their gigs because it has completely taken over our lives,” Chris Roberts jokes. Indeed, the band’s mission is to advocate for sustainable lifestyle choices rather than to embark on a vehicle exodus.

The CERDD // ED tour

Their CERDD // ED tour covered over 40 shows, serenading audiences along the 870-mile journey. This eco-musical expedition, which begins in Flintshire on September 3 and ends in Chepstow on October 31, has struck a chord with environmentally aware music aficionados.

The tour’s name, which combines the Welsh words ‘cerdd’ (music) and ‘cerdded’ (walk), brilliantly reflects the heart of their voyage. Filkin’s Drift believes in the inherent connection between roaming and making music, fusing nature’s rhythms with their melodies.

Taking music to unexplored territories

One of the tour’s notable elements is its objective to perform in locations where touring musicians are rarely seen. The band’s humanitarian efforts have been directed toward Live Music Now, furthering their aim of bringing the gift of music to disadvantaged communities.

Filkin’s Drift has been recording their adventure as they walk along the Welsh coast through fascinating films on their YouTube channel and enlightening blog pieces on their website. Their objective is to strike a chord in the music industry, pushing other musicians to investigate more environmentally friendly touring options.

Walking the walk 

Filkin’s Drift is a source of inspiration in an industry where touring is frequently associated with high carbon footprints and traffic jams. They feel that hope is a palpable song generated from the basic, sustainable behaviors they’ve encountered on their voyage, rather than a distant refrain.

As they poignantly express, “On this trip, we’ve seen so many people living their lives in self-sufficient ways that we could all implement at least aspects of quite easily, that would have a real positive effect. We ourselves have shown that a tour on foot is possible, discovering so many things that the music industry and others could learn that would reduce the perceived need for vehicles.”

A chorus of change

Filkin’s Drift joins a rising chorus of musicians and industry executives advocating for environmental sustainability. In recent years, major labels and indie artists have joined forces in a Music Climate Pact to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Bye and Roberts add a beautiful note to the ever-changing score of eco-conscious music-making with each stride they take.

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