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Optimist Daily Evolution (a.k.a “Redesign”)

Welcome to the new look of the Optimist Daily! We took your feedback and overhauled the design of the service to make it easier to see all the recent content, make it easy to share on social media, and to make the search and archive features for our Optimist Emissaries more robust.

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Some key changes:

New Website Look –

We hope our new look captures the spirit of optimism that we feel from the people in our growing community! With this new easier to use design, we are encouraging the Optimist Daily community to join together to spread the stories that will reshape our countries and our cultures, one solution at a time.

New Email Look –

With our new email set up we’ve made it easier for you to invite your friends to the Optimist Daily with a little button in each daily email we send.

Pop-ups –

We’ve also added helpful (we hope!) pop-ups that will answer questions about the functionality of the site as they arise. If these aren’t sufficient, let us know! We need your help in making sure your experience on the site is smooth. Click here to contact us to send your feedback.

Easier Sharing –

A major next step in this effort is making better use of social media. You’ll see the sharing buttons on every article and email. Make sure to post and tweet any story that you think others need to see. Also, please join our growing groups on Facebook and Twitter. We are going to be posting our content on these networks on a daily basis for you to read and share.

A new “Membership” level: Optimist Emissary

What do you call people who take personal responsibility for spreading the word about Solutions News and helping to keep it funded? We now call them Optimist Emissaries, a term intended to convey both our deep gratitude and our expectation that our biggest supporters will also be our advocates. Find out more about becoming an Emissary.

We plan to continue to improve the look and feel of this service. We believe that the Optimist Revolution will only work if it is powered by YOU.

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The Optimists Revolution Mission: To Create a Shift in the Consciousness

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