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Today’s Solutions: July 18, 2024
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This carbon-negatives raincoat

This carbon-negatives raincoat is made entirely from algae bioplastic

A New York designer, by the name of Charlotte McCurdy, has created a water-resistant jacket made from a bioplastic material derived entirely from large-celled algae. Because the jacket is made of algae, which is the single biggest capturer of CO2 from the atmosphere, it’s technically Read More...

These algae-based clothes phot

These algae-based clothes photosynthesize while you wear them

Talk about thinking outside the box, a designer by the name of Roya Aghighi has designed clothes from algae that turn carbon dioxide into oxygen via photosynthesis. Named Biogarmentry, the clothes are the proof of concept for a textile made with living, photosynthetic cells. To make the fabric Read More...

This algae bioreactor captures

This algae bioreactor captures as much CO2 out of the air as two acres of trees

It’s no doubt that algae are one of our closest allies in the fight against climate change. Because of their ability to conduct photosynthesis, they represent one of nature’s most efficient machines when it comes to sequestering carbon dioxide. Now imagine optimizing that process by adding some Read More...

Bury this shirt once it’s wo

Bury this shirt once it’s worn out. It will become “worm food” in 12 weeks.

A tech-based clothing startup by the name of Vollebak has developed a T-shirt that can either be put in a compost bin or buried in the ground once it’s reached the end of its life. That’s because the shirt is made entirely from wood pulp and algae, which breaks down in soil or in a composter Read More...

Grow algae in a beautiful way

Grow algae in a beautiful way within your home with this micro-farm

There are a bunch of reasons why algae is amazing. First of all, algae is one of the most efficient carbon dioxide scrubbers in the air, “with 10 times greater CO2 fixation than terrestrial plants.” On top of that, adding algae to your diet can contribute to a rich, well-balanced nutritional Read More...

Researchers are increasingly u

Researchers are increasingly using nature to turn the tide on plastic

In an effort to decrease the environmental cost of single-use plastics, scientists, engineers, and designers are increasingly turning to nature to look for sustainable alternatives. Such ecologically friendly alternatives include liquid wood, algae insulation, and polymer substitutes made from Read More...

Urban algae canopy brings natu

Urban algae canopy brings nature and technology together

Nothing like checking out the latest concepts of ecologically minded designers and architects to regain faith in the potential that tomorrow’s urban world can bring. For instance, how about this algae canopy, featured at the Milan Expo, that produces a forest’s worth of oxygen daily? You will Read More...

After oil

After oil

Unfamiliar crops like switchgrass and jatropha hold more promise as alternative fuels than corn and sugarcane Craig Cox| July/Aug 2007 issue It seemed like a marriage made in heaven. Corn farmers, suffering under some of the lowest commodity prices in history, hooked up with environmentalists Read More...