Today’s Solutions: June 13, 2024
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Electric vehicles took center

Electric vehicles took center stage in Superbowl commercials this year

This weekend’s Superbowl was the biggest event of the year for the NFL, but the big game is also center stage for the advertising world. This year’s Superbowl commercials showed a distinct shift in business consciousness towards a greener future. Football enthusiasts saw prominent figures Read More...

Audi is helping drivers avoid

Audi is helping drivers avoid red lights by suggesting speeds

There’s no better feeling for a driver than when you get a string of consecutive green lights so that you can cruise smoothly through the city. Getting a wave of green lights is usually a matter of luck, but Audi wants to make it possible for you every time you drive through it’s Traffic Light Read More...

Audi captures CO2 from the air

Audi captures CO2 from the air to produce green diesel

While renewables are beginning to make a dent into the carbon intensity of the power sector thanks to the plummeting price of technology, the automobile industry has been exploring green fuels so as to lower its dependency on fossil fuels. Audi has been pushing the envelope, exploring ways to Read More...