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Today’s Solutions: July 17, 2024

Shatner’s space voyage remin

Shatner’s space voyage reminds us of Star Trek’s inspirational messages

This week, one of the entertainment world’s most famous space explorers actually traveled into space. William Shatner, who played Star Trek's Captain Kirk, became the oldest person to venture to the final frontier aboard a Blue Origin rocket. On October 13, Shatner and a crew of three others Read More...

Do fireflies glow in space? Th

Do fireflies glow in space? These 2nd graders launched a rocket to find out

In 2015, a second grade class in Indiana curiously asked whether fireflies would still glow if sent into space. After doing some research, their teacher, Maggie Samudio, figured out that for just half the cost of the school’s football uniforms, they could actually send a rocket to space and find Read More...