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Today’s Solutions: July 19, 2024

65 country leaders pledge to r

65 country leaders pledge to reverse destruction of nature

Leaders from 65 countries recently came together to make a renewed commitment to putting nature on the path to recovery. As reported in Deutsche Welle, the commitments include eliminating plastic leakage to the oceans by 2050 and incentivizing banks and businesses to value the natural Read More...

Data centers drain water suppl

Data centers drain water supplies. Microsoft is investing big to fix this

Data centers are infamously energy-intensive, but what people aren’t always aware of is that they also require huge amounts of water to keep servers cool. And to make matters worse, data centers are often situated in desert-like places where water is already scarce. Part of the reason companies Read More...

Intel aims to be waste-free an

Intel aims to be waste-free and use only clean energy by 2030

While it can almost feel natural to get skeptical when big companies make sustainability pledges, it’s important to remember the big impact these companies have at the end of the day. With that in mind, tech giant Intel has unveiled its environmental goals for 2030 this week, committing to cut Read More...