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Today’s Solutions: July 15, 2024

Joyful young man father lying on carpet floor, lifting excited happy little child son at home.

Meet the interior designer helping divorced dads settle into singlehood

In honor of father's day this Sunday, we are revamping a few stories that celebrate the inspiring dads out there in the world, empower dads, or highlight the incredible experience of fatherhood. We can all agree that a break-up of any kind is a stressful process, but divorce with children Read More...

How to cope with homesickness

How to cope with homesickness if you're far from home

We’re used to our work projects, financial restrictions, and even poor weather keeping us from visiting our loved ones, but with quarantines and travel bans in place around the world, we are experiencing a new brand of homesickness. Here are some tips for coping with homesickness at a time when Read More...