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Today’s Solutions: July 15, 2024

Revitalizing coral reefs acros

Revitalizing coral reefs across the Caribbean with sustainable breeding and restoration

SECORE International, an organization dedicated to preserving coral reefs for future generations, is at the forefront of coral restoration initiatives. SECORE, founded on the premise of "SExual COral REproduction," pioneered the novel concept of "Coral Seeding." This ground-breaking strategy Read More...

Underwater speakers are helpin

Underwater speakers are helping scientists bring life back into the Great Barrier Reef

Healthy coral reefs emanate a remarkable soundscape, acting as a signaling mechanism for juvenile fish who are looking for a place to settle. When reefs fade away, this rich soundscape becomes a silent dessert, depriving the dying corals of the chance to ever regenerate. As scientists are Read More...

3D-printed coral offer new hop

3D-printed coral offer new hope for endangered reefs

In the wake of the global climate crisis and the acidification of oceans due to rising temperatures, coral reefs around the world and their ecologically diverse inhabitants have been drastically affected. Particularly, fish living among or in close relation to coral reefs who often use the reefs to Read More...