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Today’s Solutions: June 23, 2024
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Hemp is the main ingredient in

Hemp is the main ingredient in this truly sustainable alternative to wood

We have used wood to house us, furnish our lives, and further develop our civilizations for thousands of years. But now, as deforestation threatens the balance of nature, we are finding more sustainable materials to take the place of wood. The popularization of an alternate material will facilitate Read More...

Levi’s announces collection

Levi’s announces collection of jeans made from hemp

Now that it is legal to cultivate hemp across the US, clothing brands are increasingly considering turning to this much-beloved material, that’s often touted not only for its strength but also for being more sustainable than cotton, requiring less water and land space. Now, those looking for a Read More...

Levi’s is making use of hemp

Levi’s is making use of hemp to create more sustainable apparel

In the past couple of years, Levi Strauss, the company that invented the iconic denim jeans, has been quite successful in proving that positive, sustainable change can go hand in hand with profitable business results. Just recently, the clothing brand has started blending hemp with cotton to make Read More...

Cannabis Cousins

Cannabis Cousins

Over 25,000 products are made from hemp across 9 submarkets and the total industry has an estimated size of $500 million USD. Despite this, the topic of Cannabis has been laden with controversy. Even so, the US Congress passed a farm bill this month allowing controlled studies of industrial hemp Read More...

After oil

After oil

Unfamiliar crops like switchgrass and jatropha hold more promise as alternative fuels than corn and sugarcane Craig Cox| July/Aug 2007 issue It seemed like a marriage made in heaven. Corn farmers, suffering under some of the lowest commodity prices in history, hooked up with environmentalists Read More...