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Today’s Solutions: July 13, 2024

Light bulb with wood house on the table, energy concept.

How much energy? Your home energy questions answered

Every day we have a choice in which appliance to use. The kettle or the stove? A bath or a shower? Most of the time it's convenience and habit that automatically choose between our options. However, it may be useful to pause for a second and consider which is more efficient in terms of costs and Read More...

Hand wiping clean stove top and burner covers with green microfiber cloth

A guide to cleaning your kitchen appliances

From making smoothies to washing dishes, kitchen appliances make everyday cooking tasks quicker and easier, but while we’re all at home putting a bit more pressure on our kitchens, it’s important to remember to properly clean our appliances to ensure they are hygienic and running smoothly. Read More...

stir fry dinner meal or leftovers stored in glass containers

There’s a better tool for reheating leftovers than the microwave

More people are eating at home than ever, which means more people are probably finding themselves reheating their leftovers from the night before.  The Washington Post recently ran an informative piece on "how to safely reheat leftovers without ruining them," and the big takeaway is that your Read More...