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Today’s Solutions: July 19, 2024

Group of senior people with closed eyes stretching arms outdoor in Pilates class

Pilates looks deceptively easy, but here’s why it works wonders

Pilates hit the big time in the mid-2000s when every gym seemed to be offering these classes, and flocks of people ran to participate. The activity was actually invented in the 1920s for rehabilitation, treating people such as soldiers returning from war and dancers to strengthen their bodies while Read More...

Person holding pile of brightly colored patterned pillows.

Check out these Black-owned home decor brands to liven up your space

The Optimist Daily has regularly tried to draw positive attention toward black-black-owned businesses. Being mindful where you spend your money and choosing racial minority owned stores can help close the racial wealth gap, celebrate black culture, promote representation, and create jobs. With Read More...

Stay present and mindful with

Stay present and mindful with these four strategies

A Harvard study on mindfulness found that people spend half of their waking hours thinking about something other than the present moment. Whether that’s an argument with a friend last week or a daunting work project for the next, we all have a nasty habit of neglecting the present moment right in Read More...

Struggling to be present? Here

Struggling to be present? Here’s how to keep your mind in one place at a time

Life is a balancing act. Between family, friends, work, and whatever else occupies your days, it can be awfully difficult to be in a state of mind that is fully present. And that’s a problem. You see, when you’re thinking about your work while you’re spending time with your kids, or Read More...