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Today’s Solutions: July 19, 2024

How to reassess your spending

How to reassess your spending as we return to social activities

Whether you experienced job loss, moved, or used the time to save up for an important purchase, the pandemic influenced personal finances considerably. Now that we’re starting to move back towards a new normal, it’s important to reassess our spending habits to ensure our new way of life is in Read More...

Eight activities to ease you b

Eight activities to ease you back into post-pandemic socialization

So, positivity rates in your community are dropping and you and your friends are fully vaccinated, what’s next? For many, it’s safe to start engaging in in-person socialization again, but fear and anxiety holds us back from exercising this freedom. If it’s safe for you to begin interacting Read More...

A plant audience in a theatre.

Opera house performs first post-lockdown concert for an all-plant audience

In June 2020, Barcelona’s Liceu Opera House emerged from its lockdown-induced siesta by throwing a concert to a rather unusual audience. The attendees did not need masks or gloves in the middle of the pandemic, nor did they be required to follow physical distancing rules. However, they did Read More...

Coronavirus has brought “loc

Coronavirus has brought “local” back into the spotlight

You might imagine the post-pandemic world as being one where humanity is left picking up the shattered pieces just to glue them back to the state they were before, but that won’t necessarily be the case. While the crisis has turned many aspects of our society upside down, it has also greased some Read More...