Today’s Solutions: November 28, 2023

So, positivity rates in your community are dropping and you and your friends are fully vaccinated, what’s next? For many, it’s safe to start engaging in in-person socialization again, but fear and anxiety holds us back from exercising this freedom. If it’s safe for you to begin interacting with others again, but you don’t feel quite ready to brunch indoors or attend a dinner party, here are eight low-stress activities to ease yourself back into social life. 

  1. Picnic outdoors. With the weather warming up, now is the perfect time to grab some close friends and enjoy a picnic in the fresh air. You’ll get the human interaction you crave in a low stakes, outdoor setting. 
  2. Mini golf. This interactive activity is a great choice for some outdoor fun. Everyone can still wear masks and it’s a great option for those with children. 
  3. Drive-in movie theater. Returning to theaters is a big step, so why not enjoy the big screen from the comfort of your car. Park next to your friends and bring your own snacks for a memorable movie night. 
  4. Host your own movie night. A rented projector and white sheet screen can make for an epic backyard cinematic experience. Invite friends over and enjoy your favorite flick in the open air of your own yard. 
  5. Head to the farmer’s market. Summer fruit season is almost upon us and what better way to celebrate than buying local with your best buds?
  6. Take a hike. A staple for many during the pandemic, hiking offers the opportunity to get out into the beauty of nature in a low-density setting. 
  7. Visit a botanical garden. Many gardens are starting to see beautiful summer blooms. Need inspiration? Check out this article featuring public gardens in cities across the US. 
  8. Go camping. Are the kids clamoring for a sleepover and a getaway? Give them the best of both worlds with a camping trip with friends. 

It’s totally normal to feel anxious and uneasy about the return to social life. Not only are our social skills a bit rusty, but we’re also concerned about the lingering risks associated with the pandemic. If it’s safe for you to interact with friends in your community, use these activities to warm up your social skills!

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