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Today’s Solutions: July 19, 2024

This crib gently rocks to ease

This crib gently rocks to ease your baby back into sleep

When you’re the parent of a newborn child, you don’t take sleep for granted. Every minute that your child sleeps softly is another minute you can rest. To help parents get the most sleep possible each night, a company called Cradlewise has developed a smart crib that uses AI and a built-in Read More...

This smart appliance can help

This smart appliance can help you reduce food waste in the kitchen

While the world wastes a mind-boggling one-third (or 1.3 billion tons) of the food it produces, in some parts of the globe people can barely find a bite to eat. This makes it even more important to come up with solutions to this urgent issue. With that in mind, industrial designers Altino Alex Read More...

Why AI is humanity’s bes

Why AI is humanity's best friend in the fight against coronavirus

With the fight against coronavirus still ongoing, scientists and medics are working as quickly as possible to find a cure. According to some organizations, the answer to a cure for coronavirus (and possibly any future disease) may be hiding in the dense networks of artificial Read More...

The tech from self-driving car

The tech from self-driving cars could help prevent wildfires in the future

Last year, California had its most destructive and deadliest wildfire year on record. Increasingly dry, warm, and windy weather conditions wrought by climate change are a big reason why. But the immediate cause is often power lines: Downed lines that come into contact with nearby trees can create Read More...

This Kickstarter product will

This Kickstarter product will turn your phone into a microscope 

Smartphones changed photography forever by making the camera a staple on every new smartphone produced. Now a new kickstarter campaign is planning to revolutionize the microscope industry by turning any smartphone camera into a portable microscope.  The new product named DIPLE is a small Read More...

Smart city tech is getting it

Smart city tech is getting it’s time to shine in Brooklyn

In Downtown Brooklyn, Fulton Street–the neighborhood’s commercial thoroughfare–is closed to cars. Technically, at least. Fulton is designated as a bus-only street, but around 3,000 cars each month use the corridor illegally. This creates issues for the buses and their 20,000 daily riders, Read More...