Today’s Solutions: February 05, 2023

When you’re the parent of a newborn child, you don’t take sleep for granted. Every minute that your child sleeps softly is another minute you can rest.

To help parents get the most sleep possible each night, a company called Cradlewise has developed a smart crib that uses AI and a built-in monitor to help your little one snooze for as long as possible.

The smart crib (we really are in the future, aren’t we?) is made with light-colored wood and has an arch hanging over the crib that features a monitor and a camera. With these technological features, the Cradlewise crib learns your child’s sleep patterns and senses when they start to shift and wake. When that occurs, the crib automatically begins to bounce gently to ease the child back to sleep before they start to fuss or cry. Then, once your baby has fallen back into a deep slumber, the crib will stop moving.

It’s also worth noting that the smart crib can play music for your baby if you prefer. It also learns your child’s patterns to create personalized “sleep recipes” of their sleep, waking habits, and favorite sounds. Via the monitor, parents can check in on their sleeping babies from anywhere using the Cradlewise app. The app provides analytics on how your kiddo is sleeping and allows you to take control of the crib features. Even if you don’t have the app, you can manually turn off the crib by simply placing your hand in front of the crib’s sensor.

If you’re interested in scoring one of these smart cribs, you might not have to wait all too long. The company just completed a successful round of beta testing in the Bay Area and expects to take pre-orders for the crib somewhere in March.

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