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Today’s Solutions: July 15, 2024

The essential guide to cleanin

The essential guide to cleaning your kids' stuffed animals and toys 

Stuffed animals and toys are more than simply playthings; they are beloved companions who join kids on countless adventures. However, with love and play comes wear and tear, so frequent cleaning is vital for both hygiene and longevity. Whether it's a plush teddy bear or a prized action figure, Read More...

Cleaning dirty blinds with tongs and a cloth

These 10 hacks will make you a pro at cleaning your own home

In case you haven't gotten to it yet, chances are spring cleaning is still on your mind. Now if that’s still on your to-do list, here are 10 clever hacks that will make cleaning the house a better, smarter experience. Clean the shower while you’re in it When you’re almost done showering, Read More...

woman looks dissatisfied with spring cleaning products

3 eco-friendly swaps to “green up” this year’s spring cleaning

A common response to the increase in sunshine and fresh spring air is an undeniable desire to purge the heaviness of winter from our homes and make everything feel as clean and new as the budding light-green baby leaves on the trees outside. Even though spring cleaning can be hard work, Read More...

Have a truly green spring clea

Have a truly green spring cleaning with these eco-friendly products

It's spring-cleaning time once again! As the weather slowly warms and the sun comes out for longer each day, the urge to purge and scour our homes becomes stronger. Tackle that winter grime with the help of the following cleaning products, all designed with the environment in mind. Whether it's Read More...

The Intelligent Optimist’s S

The Intelligent Optimist’s Swing Into Spring Auction ends Tuesday

It’s easier to start swinging after a tune-up, and with that in mind, we have popular favorites from auctions past and brand new items and services to help you take care of yourself or your loved ones or contribute to charitable causes, all backed by the intention of making the world a better Read More...