Today’s Solutions: December 03, 2021

It’s spring-cleaning time once again! As the weather slowly warms and the sun comes out for longer each day, the urge to purge and scour our homes becomes stronger. Tackle that winter grime with the help of the following cleaning products, all designed with the environment in mind. Whether it’s reducing packaging waste or concocting a safer ingredient list, these companies want your home to be as clean as it looks. The first cleaning brand goes by the name Cleancult. This innovative company sends you an initial plastic bottle for each of its all-natural cleaning products, and then subsequent refills come in paper milk cartons or bags, shipped in plastic-free packaging. Over the course of a year, this reduces household packaging waste by up to 30 pounds. The second cleaning brand is ThreeMain, which takes a different approach to Cleancult. The initial shipment of ThreeMain products comes in reusable aluminum bottles with plastic spray and squirt tops. After that, refills come in plastic pouches. Once you’ve emptied eight refills into the aluminum containers, these get shipped back to the company in a prepaid recycling envelope and sent to Terracycle. Another positive about ThreeMain is that they donate 3 percent of their profits toward cleaning up ocean trash. The last brand we have to present to you is called Truce. This company was founded by the owner of a house-cleaning company after she started reacting to chemicals in conventional products and even other so-called green ones. The entire product line is manufactured from only 14 simple, safe, and effective ingredients, all of which you’ll recognize. Truce offers a wide range of products from laundry detergents to hand sanitizers, all of which have been given an A+ rating by the Environmental Working Group.

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