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Today’s Solutions: July 13, 2024

These tiny parking lots infill

These tiny parking lots infill homes are eco-friendly and affordable

We recently wrote about the potential to transform commercial spaces into affordable residential housing in California. Today, we share another innovative housing solution, this time from Sydney, Australia.  Architect Brad Swartz is helping his neighbors turn underused parking spaces into cozy Read More...

interior tiny home

IKEA’s new tiny home aims to make the housing industry more eco-friendly

In the US, the housing industry is responsible for five percent of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions, electricity excluded. One way that the sector could reduce its environmental impact is by encouraging people to adopt smaller, more sustainable homes — a movement that has gained Read More...

This gorgeous 3D-printed home

This gorgeous 3D-printed home could be the future of sustainable living

In recent years, architects have become fascinated with 3D-printing. Often heralded as affordable and sustainable, 3D-printed homes are beginning to spring up everywhere from the Netherlands to Austin, Texas. It seems the technology is finally catching up with the construction industry’s Read More...