Today’s Solutions: June 29, 2022

We recently wrote about the potential to transform commercial spaces into affordable residential housing in California. Today, we share another innovative housing solution, this time from Sydney, Australia. 

Architect Brad Swartz is helping his neighbors turn underused parking spaces into cozy loft-style living spaces. Each building is a single-family home with a simple layout, tucked into a parking space. Swartz told Treehugger, “The project’s brief was to replace parking spaces with accommodation. By its very nature of encouraging density (done well) – whilst giving up a car in the process – making this a more sustainable scheme.”

The homes are not only space-efficient, they also use cross-ventilation, external shading devices over the skylights, and a concrete slab for thermal mass to keep the home naturally cool in summer. Like many other tiny homes, these use carefully designed cabinetry to make space for a full kitchen and laundry machines in a small convertible area. 

So far, Swartz has constructed two of these homes for neighbors and although they are only 376 square feet, they are still visually appealing with an open floor plan to make them feel more spacious. 

As demand for urban housing grows, infill projects like this will be valuable in creating more living spaces without increasing urban sprawl. Pairing these homes with adequate public transportation means making space for people, not cars, while still offering green and convenient ways to get around. 

Image source: Treehugger

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