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Today’s Solutions: July 17, 2024
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A glass with clean clear water and sharp shadows stands on a white wood table.

How much water do you really need to drink?

One of the first health tips you might commonly hear is to drink more water. Social media influencers echo each other saying “stay hydrated,” it's their "secret" to good skin, a slim waistline, and healthy organs. But in terms of health logistics, what's going on when we hydrate? Well, we're Read More...

3 Tell-tale signs you should e

3 Tell-tale signs you should exercise

We’ve previously written about how to tell when your body needs a break from working out, but now we want to talk about the telltale signs that your body is craving some exercise. According to the experts, there are some signs that you can look out for that indicate that your body is in need Read More...

This device connects to your f

This device connects to your fingertips to produce energy while you sleep

Earlier this year, we wrote about a breakthrough study from the University of Tokyo, where scientists invented a sustainable smart-watch battery that uses nothing but the wearer’s sweat to generate electricity. Following in the footsteps of that innovation, engineers at the University of Read More...

You get what you sweat! The pe

You get what you sweat! The perks and benefits of hot yoga

You may be wondering what the difference is between yoga and hot yoga… and the reality is that it’s exactly what it sounds like. Hot yoga is yoga, in a hot and humid room. You may hear the term “Bikram yoga” used interchangeably with “hot yoga,” but Bikram is actually a type of hot Read More...

Gettin’ sweaty: Your wea

Gettin' sweaty: Your wearable device may soon be powered by perspiration

Wearable biosensors like smartwatches have become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to their great potential for monitoring people’s health. However, finding a suitable power source for these devices has proven challenging. On one hand, conventional button batteries are too bulky, while Read More...

How wearable devices could one

How wearable devices could one day be powered by sweat

What if our clothes could better absorb our sweat and use it for more than just cooling down our bodies?  At the National University of Singapore (NUS), researchers have developed a high-tech film that can absorb and store moisture from sweat much more efficiently than conventional materials that Read More...

Can you “sweat out” a cold

Can you “sweat out” a cold? Here’s what the experts say

Chances are someone has told you that you can reduce the length of a cold by “sweating it out,” but how accurate is this advice? Is it actually possible to sweat out a cold? And is it safe? According to family medicine physician David Cutler, M.D., the short answer is no. No matter how much Read More...