Today’s Solutions: October 24, 2021

We’ve previously written about how to tell when your body needs a break from working out, but now we want to talk about the telltale signs that your body is craving some exercise.

According to the experts, there are some signs that you can look out for that indicate that your body is in need of movement. Besides, regular exercise “has many physical and mental benefits,” says Ridge Davis, an NCSF-certified trainer and Puma-sponsored athlete based in Los Angeles. “Consistent movement will make you happier and reduce your overall level of stress and tension. Also, having strong healthy joints and muscle tissues contribute to living a higher quality of life.”

Most of us already know that regular exercise is a good thing to practice, but if you need an extra push, then here are three impossible-to-ignore signs that your body is begging you to work out so that you can cash in on all the great benefits of exercise. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

You’re feeling low on energy

Instead of reaching for that second (or third) cup of coffee, try sweating out your tiredness. Working out makes your brain release endorphins, which can help wake you up even better than caffeine can. “Endorphins are those feel-good hormones that are released as a result of exercise and important components for an energizing workout,” chiropractor, exercise science expert, and founder of Remedy Place Jonathan Leary, DC tells Well+Good.

“They are responsible for keeping you awake and also contribute to positive changes in your mental health,” he explains. If you don’t have a lot of time, then consider playing your most energizing playlist and having a quick solo dance party or roll out your yoga mat and stretch it out for a quick shot of energy.

You’re having trouble focusing

Do you ever find yourself reading the same line in a report or document over and over again for way too long? This is called brain fog, and it’s a sure sign that it’s time to get your sweat on, even for just two minutes (which is the necessary amount of time needed to shake off any fogginess).

Aerobic exercises such as walking, running, and biking stimulates dopamine receptors in the brain, and dopamine plays an essential role in cognitive function and learning.

On top of that, an increase in heart rate will improve circulation, delivering more blood and oxygen to the brain which can help boost your thinking.

Your muscles are super stiff

According to a physical therapist at Zion Physical Therapy Katie Sun Worrall, DPT, “stiffness often occurs when we’re not exercising enough, so the best way to prevent stiffness is by being regularly active. Whether it’s walking, running, yoga, cycling, lifting weights, or another exercise of your choice, all of it is good for you, and your health in the long run.” Many of us are probably suffering from aches and pains that are only exacerbated by working from home. Luckily, all you need is a good and rigorous workout session followed by some tension-relieving stretches.

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