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Today’s Solutions: July 18, 2024
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The largest wildlife bridge in

The largest wildlife bridge in America has just opened in San Antonio

In recent months, we’ve shared a couple of stories about highway crossings for wildlife in the US. The first came in October when it was announced that a giant wildlife bridge would be built in the Los Angeles area to help mountain lions and other native animals cross over the US 101 freeway. Read More...

Texas will host the country’

Texas will host the country’s biggest solar farm

Texas is set to become home to the largest solar farm in the United States, thanks to an ambitious solar project currently under development in the northeastern part of the state. Invenergy, a global developer and operator of sustainable energy solutions, says its new 1,310 MW solar energy Read More...

City of Austin votes to spend

City of Austin votes to spend $7 billion to revolutionize transportation

In a city where roughly three-quarters of residents drive alone to work, it’s no surprise that drivers in Austin, Texas, spend an average of 104 hours stuck in traffic each year. One of the main reasons behind this vehicle-mania is the city’s innate car-oriented infrastructure. That’s now Read More...

Hurricane Laura: Here’s

Hurricane Laura: Here's where you can contribute

Hurricane Laura is the latest climate change-fueled natural disaster to hit the US. The powerful storm made landfall in Louisiana last Thursday with winds of up to 150 miles per hour. Obviously hurricanes are a destructive force, but a hurricane (or any natural disaster) occurring during a pandemic Read More...

Texans will catch the first gl

Texans will catch the first glimpse of residential wind power this July 4th

What if you could produce wind energy from the comfort of your backyard? Well, that might soon be possible thanks to a new product made by Iceland renewable wind power company IceWind. In the town of Port Aransas Beach, Texas, IceWind’s Texas-based investor will show off a demo of the tiny Read More...

Scientists are engineering bac

Scientists are engineering bacteria to save bees

Researchers at the University of Texas have reported in the reputable scientific journal Science that they may have developed a new method to save bees from colony collapse. The new method is unique in the sense that it requires genetically engineered bacteria to work for us.  Once inserted in Read More...

Say what?! A 3-year-old in Tex

Say what?! A 3-year-old in Texas found a candy-pink grasshopper

Did you know grasshoppers can be bright pink? Neither did we—until this past weekend when an eye-catching story was published by an NBC affiliate in Texas. Apparently, a three-year-old discovered a bubble-gum pink grasshopper while exploring his garden in Austin, which prompted his mother to snap Read More...

This Texas village gives the h

This Texas village gives the homeless a permanent home and a sense of community

The world looks a little brighter from the front porch of your own home. It’s a sight more than 200 formerly homeless people are waking up to each morning at the Community First! Village – a planned suburbia in Austin, Texas which provides affordable, permanent housing and a supportive Read More...

Texas has enough sun and wind

Texas has enough sun and wind to quit coal, Rice researchers say

Texas might have the perfect environment to quit coal for good. Texas is one of the only places—potentially in the world—where the natural patterns of wind and sun could produce power around the clock, according to new research from Rice Read More...