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The five ring symbol of the Olympic Games at tokyo museum and new stadium in background. Japan will host the Tokyo 2020 summer olympics and Paralympic.

CO2 emissions significantly reduced at the last Olympic Games

The Pandemic turned everyone’s world upside down, causing us all to adapt to new ways of life and society to find a new “normal.” While this experience came with its negatives, it also created an opportunity for numerous lessons to be learned and possibilities for change, especially when it Read More...

Gay rights march in Tokyo

Tokyo becomes biggest city in Japan to recognize same-sex partnerships

In March of this year, we shared the news that in Sapporo, Japan, the district court ruled that the government’s failure to recognize same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, which was viewed as a symbolic victory and a huge step forward for the LGBTQ+ community in Japan. Now, more steps have Read More...

Nature takes center stage in t

Nature takes center stage in this redevelopment project in Tokyo

Adding more greenery to our built environment can go a long way in making our cities more resilient in the face of climate change. That’s why, here at The Optimist Daily, we love seeing urban development projects that seamlessly interweave nature with the built environment. The Toranomon Urban Read More...

Only in Japan: These transpare

Only in Japan: These transparent public toilets turn opaque when in use

Japan is quite famous for its elaborate toilets, which can exhibit features such as bidet washing, drying, seat warming, and even deodorization. Now Japan is adding to its reputation for unique toilets after installing public toilet cubicles around Tokyo that are transparent. What? Transparent Read More...

Tokyo Fire Department welcomes

Tokyo Fire Department welcomes all-electric ambulance

Tokyo Metropolitan Government's "Zero Emission Tokyo" initiative is making emissions reductions across all sectors, including health care. The Ikebukuro branch of the Tokyo Fire Department has welcomed its first all-electric ambulance. The new van, created in a partnership with Nissan based off Read More...