Only in Japan: These transparent public toilets turn opaque when in use

Japan is quite famous for its elaborate toilets, which can exhibit features such as bidet washing, drying, seat warming, and even deodorization. Now Japan is adding to its reputation for unique toilets after installing public toilet cubicles around Tokyo that are transparent.

What? Transparent toilet cubicles? Wouldn’t it be a nightmare to have an audience while you find relief?

While the cubicles are indeed transparent, they are actually made from colored “smart glass” that turns opaque when the cubicles are occupied. The idea behind the toilets, which were created by the Pritzker prize-winning architect Shigeru Ban, is that prospective users can survey the interior of the bathroom before entering it.

Beyond this, the transparent bathrooms allow people to enter the toilet without having to worry that someone is hiding inside it. It also provides added motivation to leave the toilet as clean as when you first entered it.

Well, it seems Japan has once again raised the bar when it comes to toilets. Want to read about these clever public toilets in Tokyo? Look no further.

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