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Today’s Solutions: July 13, 2024

Unlocking the secret to health

Unlocking the secret to healthy gums with the ultimate guide to flossing

We all want a sparkling smile, yet our dental habits often fall short. Flossing, an essential step in oral care, is sometimes overlooked, leaving our gums bleeding and our teeth vulnerable. However, because to the tireless quest of information by experts such as Tufts University periodontologists Read More...

Heart Tattoo

Medicinal tattoos that detect blood oxygen levels and more

Most of us remember mood rings, right? Purple meant happy, and black meant stressed and every color in between was every mood in between. Some, even physiologists, believe there is some accuracy to this, corresponding to the temperature of one’s body depending on their mood, but what if there was Read More...

African clawed frog. These frogs are plentiful in ponds and rivers within the south-eastern portion of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Scientists help frogs regrow amputated limbs

A recent study, published in Science Advances, has brought us one step closer to regenerative medicine. In a collaborative effort from Tufts University and Harvard, the teams were able to regenerate an adult African clawed frog’s (Xenopus laevis) limb, something they are naturally unable to Read More...

Woman performing self breast examination

New online tool aims to improve early breast cancer detection for Black women

In America, Black women are more likely to have breast cancer and at early ages, but despite this increased risk, there is a critical gap in early detection rates between Black women and their white counterparts. To address this disparity, researchers from Boston University and Tufts University Read More...

378 metropolitan areas could m

378 metropolitan areas could meet food needs with local farming alone

We recently shared two inspirational urban farming stories about the largest rooftop greenhouse in Montreal and bountiful vertical farming in Paris. Now, a new study is demonstrating how other urban areas can get in on the agricultural action with a model of 378 metropolitan areas in the US that Read More...

How to mobilize young voters s

How to mobilize young voters stuck at home

More than 15 million young Americans will be eligible to cast their vote for the first time in November’s election, but reaching and registering young voters is more difficult as college campuses are closed and schools move to online learning to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  Registering Read More...