Today’s Solutions: September 26, 2023

Ashley Koff, registered dietician, is a world famous nutrition expert, health advocate, and best selling co–author of Mom Energy. Koff is regularly featured in health magazines like Nutritional Solutions and on the TV shows “Dr. OZ”, and “The Doctors”. Her expertise and insight into the world of nutrition and supplements is unparalleled. We are conducting a FREE digital hangout with Ashley Koff RD on May 1, 2014 at 3pm PDT (sign up here). Nutrition is a difficult obstacle to overcome, but becomes easier with help from people like Ashley Koff RD.

The Intelligent Optimist: What is the most common nutritional health problem people face?

Ashley Koff, RD: “The most prevalent nutritional problem people face is confusion over conflicting recommendations. Suboptimal digestion as the factor or a contributing factor to most health issues people seek nutrition help for. Feeling like they have to make huge changes to get results.

“This is solved by learning to understand their personal nutrition needs and what their nutrition prescription is – that’s where I come in.”

TIO: What are the most important supplements everyone should take? Are they different for men and women?

AK, RD: “There’s no such thing as one supplement being more important than another. Supplements, by definition, should supplement a person’s individual healthy diet. They should NOT take any supplement that is lower quality than their diet.

“Yes there are differences in needs between men and women as well as life stages. My choices for approved supplements can be found on my website in The AKA Personal Shopper supplements section.”

TIO: What’s the most valuable health tip you can share?

AK, RD: “Health is dynamic – not static – so you don’t get to achieve health and then check it off your to-do list; it’s always on there. There is NO such thing as PERFECT when it comes to health or a healthy lifestyle.”

TIO: How do I keep my energy up, as I get older?

AK, RD: “Your energy shouldn’t decline as you age. Poor energy is a sign of imbalances that need to be addressed. That said, aging will show you what you thought you “got away with” in earlier years so to maintain or achieve better energy it’s critical to recognize that your body needs it’s needs met now, and well, no more attempts to cheat or prioritize others.”

TIO: How important is it to avoid non–organic and GMO foods?

AK, RD: “Critical. There are too many environmental challenges we can’t control consistent exposure to but we can best limit them in the foods and supplements (and what we cook and store our food in) by choosing organic – which is food (i.e. fuel) as out body recognizes it most easily and therefore most efficiently.”

TIO: What are your favorite healthy snacks I can eat without feeling guilty?

AK, RD: “I don’t use the term “snack” or “meal” for just this reason. I use eating occasion or nutrition pit stop because essentially the body needs quality nutrition at regular intervals daily for optimal performance (which includes feelings of satisfaction and enjoyment). As a Qualitarian, I don’t feel guilty about my food choices – I enjoy them. A key for me to feel best from an eating occasion is to create nutrient balance (carb+ protein+ fat+ non-starchy vegetables) as seen on my nutrition profile– free download on my website.”

TIO: What vitamins and supplements do you take everyday?

AK, RD: “The vitamins and supplements I take on a daily basis are Natural Calm, Align, Digest Gold, New Chapter Perfect Immune or Perfect Prenatal, and Wholemega.”

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