Today’s Solutions: June 29, 2022

While we’d all like to take some time off work when life gets overly busy, sometimes it’s simply not possible. At times like this, when having a full weekend off seems like a distant dream, you need to follow some practical tips for surviving and thriving when you have to be fully committed. The following strategies might help you when you’re extremely busy at work. First strategy: use Premack’s principle. Applying this principle means using an easier behavior as a reward for a harder behavior. For instance, you can reward yourself for finishing a cognitively demanding task (like writing a complex report) by completing a low-key but necessary task, like running an errand that helps you stay organized. Second strategy: compartmentalize. Find out what work tasks you actually enjoy doing and try to be a bit more mindful about savoring them. Third strategy: save small scraps of time for mental rest. When you’re slammed for time, it can seem essential to work during even the littlest of breaks. Instead, consider using brief waiting times for true mental breaks. Take some slow breaths, drop your shoulders, and just chill. Fourth strategy: add physical decompression rituals to your day. When we’re overloaded, we can hold a lot of physical tension. To release these tensions, try using context triggers—deciding which moments in the day you’ll use to physically decompress. For instance, maybe you can take some slow breaths whenever you go to the bathroom, or just after you wake up or just before you get into bed. Fifth strategy: pair pleasure experiences with other activities. Listen to some of your favorite music at some point during your work day, or bring some treats to indulge in as you work. We all have times where we’re extremely busy, but by adopting some of these strategies, you can get through them more easily.

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