London is subsidizing cargo bikes to get delivery trucks off the streets

In London, lorries and vans account for around a fifth of London’s road traffic with the rise in large part driven by online sales. With the introduction of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in London yesterday, those transportation vehicles are going to be charged £24 a day to drive through central London, unless those vehicles run on clean sources. To help businesses transport their goods without using gas-powered vehicles, a new program has been set up called Bikes for Business that offers firms in the area a subsidy to encourage them to use cargo bikes for deliveries. Cargo bikes are basically bicycles or e-bikes that are specially designed for carrying large or heavy loads, and they’re extremely useful for reducing journey times in congested cities where parking delivery trucks is a hassle. The Bikes for Business will help companies identify which bicycle services are best suited to their needs and will then recommend operators. The hope is that the program will encourage firms to deliver their goods in a greener way while helping to rethink how best to move freight over short distances in the capital.

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