Global cities around the world are starting to take drastic measures to reduce road transport emissions. In New York City, a new law is being put in place that will charge drivers well over $10 to drive n the busiest parts of Manhattan to reduce congestion and lower air pollution. Meanwhile, in London, city officials will start enforcing an ultra-low emission zone known as Ulez that will impose a £12.50-a-day charge on all vehicles driving into central London, except for the cleanest cars and vans. The move is expected to reduce road transport emissions by around 45%, something mayor Sadiq Khan is adamant about after research revealed that nearly 1,000 people a year are hospitalized with asthma caused by pollution in London each year. A bigger improvement is set to arrive in October 2021 when Ulez is due to be extended to all areas inside the North and Circular roads, which, if you’re not familiar with London, is a massive area that plays host to around 640,000 vehicles.

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