Today’s Solutions: December 04, 2021

Some items are easy to recycle, like a plastic bottle or newspaper. Other things are a lot more difficult, simply because they probably won’t fit in your average recycling bin—like a king-size mattress, for instance. Believe it or not, recycling your used mattress is easier than you think, but there’s often a common misconception that we should trash them. Who would want our old mattresses, anyway? Turns out, plenty of people. From boxsprings to foam, mattresses contain valuable recyclable material which can be repurposed in a number of ways, including as carpeting and clothing. If you’ve ever wanted to recycle your mattress, here are few ways you can accomplish it. The first way is to contact a nearby bulk waste collection center. These centers accept larger objects than your average trash and often require that you set up an appointment. Another you can do is contact a junk removal service. You can do an online search for local junk removal companies or use a nationwide program like 1-800-GOT-JUNK and Load Up. Both programs will bring your mattresses to nearby recycling facilities or donate them. Usually, using such a service will require a small fee—depending on the weight of your mattress. The next way to deal with an old mattress only applies if you bought a new one. Basically, if you buy a new mattress, chances are the company you bought it from will haul your old one away. You may, however, be responsible for a small fee. And if all else fails, donating your mattress is just as valuable as recycling it. Take a look at‘s locator to find nearby charities that will accept your mattress and you’ll have the chance to help someone in need. 

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