Today’s Solutions: July 02, 2022

Flowers are blossoming, trees are growing greener by the day, and people are slowly transitioning from winter coats to shorts and flip-flops. Yes, it must be spring—the perfect time to head outdoors and feel renewed. It’s also the perfect time to contribute to a healthier planet with some enjoyable seasonal activities. For instance, now you can start that garden you’ve been thinking about. Clear that part of your yard that has been conquered by weeds, add some fresh soil and plant crops like peas, lettuce, spinach, and carrots. Another activity that goes hand and hand with spring are swaps. After you have done your spring cleaning and identified all the things you want to get rid of, organize a swap with friends, family, and neighbors. Simply choose a category of items, send invites and serve some sun tea. Alternatively, you can complete swaps using the internet to connect with others in your area. Swaps offer you a chance to locate a new home for your usable items while finding things that you might need or like. There’s a world of sustainable activities waiting for you to take part in this spring. If you need some fresh ideas, have a look at this helpful guide and get outdoors.

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