Today’s Solutions: November 29, 2021

The fabulous thing about the brain is its ability to “reboot” and remove patterns, bad habits, biases, and limits that no longer serve you. It may feel like the way you think and behave are set in stone, but the fact of the matter is there are ways to press the reset button and get a fresh start.

The first step to rebooting is recognizing that something about the way your brain processes isn’t supporting you to live your life the way you want to. Maybe your perfectionism is bordering on obsession or perhaps an opinion you have had since childhood has been disproven by something you have heard or read or witnessed. Whatever it may be, once you recognize what you want to change, you have to bring your brain into a tranquil state where it can effectively deal with the issue.

One of the most powerful ways to hit the reset button is through sleep. Research being done at the University of Wisconsin suggests that your synapses—the places where nerves connect—grow larger and stronger when they receive stimulation during your wakeful periods and then shrink by up to 20 percent overnight, creating room for more growth and learning at night. The consequence of not getting enough sleep is a reduction in that overnight shrink, which impacts the ability to grow again the next day.

Listening to music is another way to prime your brain for new changes. Apparently, listening to music lowers brainwave frequency leading to conditions ripe for learning, analyzing, and performing at your best. If you’re looking for more ways to reboot the brain, have a look right here.

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