Before any concrete action can be taken on climate change by governments, the threat of climate change should at least be recognized officially. Last week, the UK became the first country in the world to declare a climate change emergency, taking their recognition of the threat that climate change poses to a whole new level. So, why is this important? Although the move is largely symbolic, it shows that the UK is ready to step up its efforts in drafting laws and implementing policies that address the problem after years of sluggish climate action. It also shows that the UK is receptive to the message of the recent wave of climate activism that has taken place across Britain, which has come in the form of massive school strikes and civil disobedience from Extinction Rebellion. The number one demand by Extinction Rebellion was that politicians start telling the truth about climate change. By declaring a climate change emergency, politicians have taken a valuable first step towards fulfilling the group’s number one demand.

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