Today’s Solutions: July 06, 2022

Not everyone will listen to science, but many people will listen to the words of famous musicians and artists. That’s why it’s great news when artists use their platforms to inform the public about pressing issues such as the climate crisis.

The latest one to do so is Jayda G, a Canadian DJ and music producer whose live-streamed mixes on Youtube clock up thousands of views. The DJ completed her masters in resource and environmental management after moving to Berlin in 2016 to pursue a career in music, and now she’s fusing two worlds together by using her platform to expose fans to issues affecting the natural world. To do this, Jayda started the JMG talks—live events where experts in ecology and oceanography lead fascinating discussions about the world’s most pressing issues and present solutions.

In the next JMG talk, which takes place on the 22nd of May, researcher Alex Cancelli will be presenting ways to reclaim contaminated water by using ecosystems such as wetlands. Jayda G recognizes that her life as a DJ isn’t eco-friendly as she’s constantly traveling, but she is publicly urging governments to be more proactive in finding alternatives.

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