If you want to add more greenery to your home but don’t necessarily have space, we have the perfect solution for you: BloomingTables, which has a new design that serves as both a table and planter.

It’s somewhat difficult to explain this new design, but basically, it’s a terrarium that you can fill with plants and adorn with a glass surface that serves as a table. The tables are constructed of tempered glass that attaches by UV resistant suction cups for easy access; with a waterproof tub, painted maple veneer planter box, and painted steel legs. Not only would this be a great choice for a small room or house or in a home in which every surface is already inhabited by botanical friends – but it would also enable one to tuck the plants away just enough to make them less tempting to children and pets. 

We’re not the only admirers of this wonderful green design: On Kickstarter, it blew away its initial goal in a matter of days. The crowdfunding ends on August 22, 2019, so if you’re interested, you know what to do. They will retail for $249 but come as a reward now for a contribution of $177, which includes shipping in the United States.

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