Last week we featured a story on how to prevent unwanted robocalls. Unfortunately, these calls can be more than just irritating, they can be dangerous. In 2017, robocalls, password theft, IRS fraud, and other scams cost Americans $16.8 billion. Fortunately, Frank Abagnale, former scammer turned FBI agent, has proven strategies to help you avoid scammers. In his newest book, Scam Me If You Can, Abagnale explains how technology has changed the nature of scamming, but remaining vigilant and using caution on the internet can help you avoid scammers. 

In a time when online platforms hold so much of our vital and personal information, scamming can be a scary prospect. Abagnale says using a few simple protections can make a world of difference.  For example, password authentication and replacing passwords frequently is a critical step to avoid hacking. When it comes to phone-based scams, he recommends being apprehensive of callers asking for information such as account numbers, social security number, or those claiming to have information about relatives. If something sounds suspicious, it probably is.