Germany, that well-known powerhouse of the automotive industry, is apparently falling very much in love with electric bikes.

Specifically, electric ‘cargo bikes’ that are typically being used by companies to transport goods around cities and deliver them to customers. The bikes are basically three-wheeled vehicles that have a motor to help with pedaling and a large cargo basket that can fit kids, pets, and shopping and so make them very popular, especially among parents.

Climate change is the top concern for Germans, opinion polls show, but, despite government subsidies, sales of electric cars have not gained traction. And while known for being a country with a strong love for four-wheelers, only 36,000 electric vehicles were sold in Germany last year, compared with 25,000 in 2017. Instead, the picture is much rosier for the electric tricycles. The Two-Wheel Industry Association keeps data on the machines and says 40,000 were sold last year, almost as twice as many as in 2017.