Today’s Solutions: August 18, 2022

After wooing customers in restaurants with its world-famous meatless burger, last Friday Impossible Foods has finally hit the shelves of grocery stores.

Since the end of last week, home cooks have been able to buy the plant-based burger in 27 Gelson’s Markets stores in Southern California, where a 12-ounce package of the goodie goes for about $9 a pop.

The meat-less meat company claimed that it will bring the burger to more grocery stores – including some on the East Coast – later this month, and it plans to reach every region of the US by the middle of next year.

By moving its product into grocery stores, Impossible Foods is getting into even closer competition with Beyond Meat, which already sells its own meat-free burger in supermarkets in addition to restaurants.

This is wonderful news for those who are increasingly looking to move away from red meat, and it shows that there’s enough consumer interest in the plant-based goods for supermarkets to stock another brand.

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