Today’s Solutions: December 04, 2022

It can be frustrating to repair something when it costs the same amount to replace it. But that’s how planned obsolescence works.  Companies create poor quality products, so you are forced to pay to replace it. This trend has taken over the modern consumer’s life.  

From clothing to electronics, the correlation between price and quality is weaker than ever before. There’s a growing movement called “right to repair” that is working to change this. So why repair? Not only is fixing your broken shoe, toaster, or bike seat better for the environment, it can also fill you with a sense of pride and build shared knowledge between friends, family, and communities. 

There are other ways to wage the war against planned obsolescence as well. Researching companies, their products, and their warranties before you buy can help you ensure the product you buy is built to last, while companies that guarantee free repairs for life can save you the time and hassle of repairing things yourself. This week’s reporting on repairing comes in a fun and “out of the ordinary” cartoon which we encourage you to check out at the link below. 

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