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Today’s Solutions: July 16, 2024

Electric blue morpho butterflies, giant river otters, and bright orange cock-of-the-rock birds: The Guiana Shield is a vast region of north-east South America with 1,000 bird species and 269 known amphibians. Like Patagonia, which we discussed a few weeks ago, this region is calling on tourism to save its natural spaces. 

Guyana is a small country with only 780,000 people, but its diverse rainforests are under siege from mining, logging, and oil companies wanting to plunder its precious lands. Fortunately, Rovin, a local guide says the area only needs 400 tourists a year to support itself and protect its forests which consume 200 tonnes of carbon dioxide per square km per year. 

Rainforests are critical resources for capturing carbon and protecting Earth’s biodiversity. Unfortunately, these resource-rich areas are the first victims of exploitation by large industries. Tourist revenue allows indigenous groups to operate eco-friendly tourist ventures to support themselves and invest in solar-powered transportation and lodging. So if you’re looking for your next exotic vacation destination, consider Guyana for its conservation efforts and for its splendid natural beauty which is sure to make a vacation unlike any you’ve ever had before.

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