NEGATIVE: Direct Air Carbon capture bracelet – a climate solution in your hand

We recently featured a cool Kickstarter campaign that was raising funds to streamline production on “SEADPODS” – recycled plastic planters that can be hung on chainlink fences to greenify urban spaces. We love these kinds of innovative ideas, blending commerce and social or environmental solutions!  So today, we wanted to share “NEGATIVE” with you all.

The concept behind the NEGATIVE bracelets is to help people hold a solution to the massive amounts of atmospheric carbon literally in their hands.  Each bracelet contains carbon dioxide that’s been recaptured and turned into a solid form. In addition, for every bracelet made, at least double the carbon created in the manufacturing, transportation, and marketing of the unit will be removed from the atmosphere – through their partnership with a direct air capture pioneer, Climeworks.  This means that each bracelet will be carbon NEGATIVE, hence the name.       

Founder Tito Jankowski, a life-long optimist, says “The climate change crisis is the greatest opportunity that civilization has ever seen.”  By creating a market for direct air capture technologies and showing big manufacturing companies how it’s done, campaigns like NEGATIVE can help transform our world for the good!

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