We use technology for almost every aspect of our everyday lives. We use apps to order food, find transportation, track our exercise, and even find the nearest bathroom. A new tech boom in fertility apps means that yes when it comes to reproductive health, there’s an app for that! 

Fertility tech is a growing market with a predicted global value of $50 billion by 2025. A variety of apps such as Ava, Glow, Modern Fertility, Period Tracker, Kindara, Fertility Friend, Mira Fertility, Clue, and Ovia have cropped up to help women track their fertility and conceive more easily.

One company, Ava, uses a bracelet to track key physiological parameters to determine a woman’s peak fertility window.

Glow, a San Francisco based company features an app that allows women to input information each day regarding their physical health and sexual habits to help women determine chances of conception. 

These high tech versions of traditional ovulation kits are increasingly popular for women struggling with infertility. Tina Suhrke, 32, says the apps are ideal for women who, like her, are struggling with conception but do not meet the time or age requirements for insurance covered fertility treatments.

While many women appreciate the opportunity to take more control over their reproductive endeavors, some doctors have expressed concern that these apps do not take into account the full spectrum of factors that influence fertility. Turning to tech cannot solve every woman’s fertility foes, but for those seeking more knowledge and agency over their fertility, these apps can be the perfect solution.

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