5 Ways to cultivate a healthier microbiome this year

Conversations in health food circles often talk about the microbiome, but what exactly is the microbiome and why does it matter? The microbiome includes the microbes that live within the human gut and it is vital to both digestive and overall health. These bacteria affect digestion, mood, and energy levels. A healthy microbiome can even help prevent serious diseases including obesity, cancer, and inflammatory bowel disease. 

So what makes a healthy biome? A diverse range of bacteria is key to a healthy gut and these 5 steps can help you cultivate a stronger microbiome this year:

  1. Eat your fruits and veggies: Our microbiome thrives off carbohydrates we cannot break down ourselves. A wide variety of fruits and vegetables provides a diverse source of food for our bacteria.
  2. Add resistant starch: Starches like white bread and pasta are quickly digested, but resistant starches like legumes and potatoes pack a microbiome-promoting punch
  3. Experiment with different fibers: Everyone responds to different fibers and fiber combinations differently. Try out a wide variety like whole grains, legumes or cruciferous vegetables to see how they affect your body.
  4. Exercise for you and your microbes: Physical activity is good for your whole body, including your gut!
  5. Add probiotic foods to your diet: Foods that contain microorganisms such as yogurt, sauerkraut, and kimchi are great for supporting overall gut health.

A healthy gut can radically improve your overall health. Food and the environment which digests it fuels our bodies for everyday activity, so try some of these tips to make sure your microbiome is thriving!

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